About CMA’s Bankruptcy Alternatives

The site offers a profile of the services offered by CMA’s Adjustment Bureau, one of the most well established and longest running out-of-court reorganization and liquidation groups in the U.S. Few, if any, organizations can compare with CMA’s 75-year span of workouts and liquidations, combined with the excellent service it has rendered to countless companies, insolvency professionals, business consultants, accountants and banks.

If you are looking for a strategic venue to reorganize your client out-of-court, look no further than CMA’s 1,200 corporate-member organization. We bring integrity, professionalism, and excellent service to each case we administer. CMA offers your client renewed credibility, starting with the first creditors’ meeting, and helps to restore valuable vendor relationships through a first-class communications program.

If you require liquidation services, CMA’s history of service as an Assignee for the Benefit of Creditors is unparalleled. CMA is the most experienced Assignee in the Western United States, maximizing recovery for the estate through an auction, asset sale, or “turn key” sale of the business.

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